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"Bonneyville Mill" ... a river's legacy


Built in 1837, Bonneyville Mill is designated by the Indiana State Historical Society as the oldest continuously operating grist mill in Indiana. It is the most photographed and painted destination spot in Elkhart County.

 Filmed in all four seasons of the year, you will feel as though you are personally inside the mill, outside along the river, and among the flowers. Beautiful aerial scenes offer a perspective of the area from above that cannot be seen from the ground.


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"Stories & Tours"

(Elkhart History - Part 1)

Remembered and narrated by Elkhart's own local historian, Paul D. Thomas and produced by Larry App, you will be caught up in conversations and pictures of Elkhart the way it used to be.

There have been many books published about Elkhart history each containing names, dates, places, and pictures. This video does not necessarily pretend to re-create that kind of content (although you will see a lot of names, dates, places, and pictures). You will, however, experience the stories and pictures behind the history as well as the history itself.

No one (and we mean no one) has the overall Elkhart knowledge and story telling ability as Paul Thomas. Probably everyone in the "baby-boom" generation who grew up in Elkhart has worn a pair of shoes purchased by their parents at Paul's shoe store downtown. He is retired now from the shoe business but is not at all retired from life! Presently he owns the "Time Was" Museum located above his old shoe store at 125 N. Main Street in Elkhart.

The DVD is approximately 83 minutes in length and the contents consist of three main sections along with some "Extras":

"A Brief History" is an interview with Paul about the history of Elkhart which you will find captivating.

"Elkhart Then & Now" presents an old picture (usually early 1900's) followed by a present-day picture taken from the same vantage point. Watch as the old picture fades into the new one. Paul provides narration about the picture and sometimes is interviewed at the site itself.

"Time Was Museum" is a tour of Paul's museum. You will see many of the resources available to you when you stop in for a visit. The building itself was formerly an apartment building and thoughout the tour you will learn how apartment floor plans were actually laid out in the early years.

"Extra" features include three short  music videos which you will thoroughly enjoy.

As evidenced by previous showings all age groups seem to enjoy watching this entire video! From young to old, whether you like history or not... if you enjoy stories (particularly as told by one of Elkhart's own citizens) you will want to buy this DVD! You will also like the case!

Runtime approx. 83 minutes.