Stories from Silence

The cemeteries of Elkhart, Indiana (and nearby) have never before been documented in this way. The art, poetry, history, and stories come alive again thanks to a tour by local historian, Paul Thomas, and genealogist, Pat Johnson. Paul is the founder and curator of Elkhart's "Time Was Museum". Pat and a friend have documented and published several volumes of books indexing burials in the city cemeteries and most county cemeteries. These books can be found at any local library, at the Elkhart County Historical Museum (in Bristol), and also at the "Time Was Museum".



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Elkhart History (Part 2)

"Stories from Silence"

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Cemeteries with names such as Grace Lawn, Rice, Prairie Street, St. Vincent, and Middleton are full of stories most of which have become forgotten except for those of a few people whom have become famous, if even only locally. Beneath the stones rest those who have answered only to their God about the lives they’ve led.

The saintliness of the men and women who helped build this community is still inherent in the stone monuments they have left us. As we learn about some of their stories anonymity begins to give place to history.

Perhaps the architecture and the stories that rest in these cemeteries are for us to admire and wonder.

Runtime approx. 55 minutes.