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"Stories From Veterans"

Private Andrew Longley
Cemeteries are full of extraordinary stories from ordinary people. Take, for example, Andrew Longley, who was a private in the Union Army during the American Civil War.
River Bend Film Festival 2017 Accepted entry for the River Bend Film Festival 2017

Pvt Andrew Longley - 1864 (Short Film) from Time Traveler on Vimeo.

WW2 US Army Air Force Veteran, Douglas Putnam
Douglas J. A. Putnam served in Europe from early 1944 through late 1945 in the US Army Air Force, 832nd Bombardier Squadron, 486th Bombardier Group. He flew 31 missions over France and Germany as a B17 Model G as a radio operator. Doug was born in 1923 and in this interview in 2015 he was 91 years of age.
WWII American Bomber Pilot, Paul Randall
Flying two bombing missions over the beaches at Normandy (France) on D-Day, and five bombing missions in three days on December 23-25, 1944 at the Battle of the Bulge, American pilot Paul Randall was just trying to be a good soldier. He flew 65 missions over Europe in advance of the Allied ground troops piloting his Douglas A-20 Havoc light attack bomber, dubbed "The Duke of Paducah" (Paul is from Paducah, Kentucky). Here is a short excerpt from an hour long interview with Paul Randall who was a member of the 9th (Army) Air Forces, 410th Bombardment Group, and the 644th Bomb Squadron.
Omaha Beach (Normandy, France) - D-Day June 6, 1944
Everyone has a story. It might be a co-worker, a neighbor, or a family member. Ordinary people doing some pretty extraordinary things. Untold for many years, this is one of those stories.

The battle on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France is still considered to be the bloodiest battle since Antietam during the American Civil War. Dr. Warren Breniman was there that day and shares his story in this shortened version of his interview.
B-24 Liberator Bomber Tail Turret Gunner
Sergeant Kenneth R. Haines was in the 15th Army Air Force in the European theater during World War II, and was a tail turret gunner in B-24 Liberator Bombers. He talks about the mechanics of missions... assembling the crew, getting a briefing, flying the mission, and debriefing. In this shortened video, he also talks about the daily life of a soldier in the Army Air Force. He was interviewed by his grandson, Kenneth Witzman, himself a student at Virginia Military Institute (VMI) who talks with his grandfather about the awards and medals he earned during his service.
World War II Homefront in Elkhart, Indiana 
During World War II soldiers were fighting overseas. There were also men and women across the United States contributing to the war effort by working in factories converted for producting war goods. The average citizen also made their contribution by rationing many everyday convenience items. It was quite an amazing time in our nation's recent history! Paul Thomas describes what life was like at home during the war.
Vietnam Veteran Interview
Sgt. Charles G. Richardson fought in combat in the Vietnam War during 1967 - 1968. He was severely injured by a grenade, received the Purple Heart, and tells his story. Many Vietnam veterans have a story to tell. Most have not had a proper "welcome home" in recognition and thanks for their service to, and sacrifice for, our country.